Many of our Midwestern spring days were twenty degrees hotter than usual.

Magnolias that held their buds through the cold winter, couldn’t resist bursting open like pink popcorn. The climbing Hydrangea was already thick and green on the garden fence when the other flowers began to blossom. Daffodils and tulips that waited for months in the frozen earth also appeared earlier than other years.Tulips and Daffodils unfold in spring

In my twenties…I didn’t notice all these changes, didn’t know the names of many flowers or their habits or care to know them.  Wildlife had nothing to do with plants. It was about what happened when we stayed out late…need I say more?

Now being wild means being real to me.   Wild equals the freedom to be ourselves.  That is often the topic of our women’s groups.  How can we speak our truth to others and ourselves?

Often after we’ve shared and struggled with saying the simple truth, I leave the circle feeling more alive and encouraged.

Tonight I walk to my car moved by what we shared. Everything seems possible on a spring night surrounded by caring souls.

Nearing the car I press the button on my key ring  Locks click open.  I slip into a oven-like car.

Insert the key and the radio blares….

Get your motor runnin’
Head out on the highway
Lookin’ for adventure
And whatever comes our way….

Slowly the old convertible top settles behind me.

On this balmy spring night, I am a sixty-six year old teenager.

My freshly hugged body sinks into the car seat.

I head out on the highway side streets.

The music drifting in and out of my awareness…

Like a true nature’s child
We were born, born to be wild.

Each day we are all called to be wild… to be free– ito be real…in little and big ways … 

Take risks at work and speak our truth

Honor sacred moments in ordinary places

Let others and ourselves know how we feel

Say “No” when it would be easier to say “Yes.”

Let the Divine rest in our hearts.

Life needs us to be wildly ourselves.  It’s not surprising that when we risk being ourselves we feel younger and more vibrant.  We are connected to our hearts.

No matter where you are headed, remember to…

Keep your motor running…

You were born to be wild!

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  1. Nancy,
    I love your blog and the website. It invites me in and I long to know the names if the flowers and find a hammock to drop into!

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