What would your seven-year-old self think of the woman you have become? Turning eighty this month is now a time of reflecting and looking back. That is the very question I am asking myself.   Reading from my book, Unfolding back in 2013 was important. It is captured in the above photo. Shakespeare and Company, […]

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  Fizzy yeast and water combine with four cups of flour. A transformation occurs in my mixing bowl. Flour is now alive and growing. Dough doubles in size. Gooey fingers stretch this white lump. I slip it into the oven. Inviting aromas of rosemary and garlic begin to fill the house. Golden focaccia bread slides

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For the last few years, Don and I have been writing letters to our four granddaughters. Holidays offer a wonderful opportunity to reflect on relationships. Our letter writing lets us do that. We include a photograph of Don and me as part of it. This is another way for us to mark the passage of

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