The Book & Movie

The Book:
Unfolding; Slow Down, Drop In, Dare More

Unfolding is a celebration of the uniqueness of every woman’s voice and my journey to discovering full-throated self-expression. I tell poignant and funny stories along with a generous serving of honesty, Unfolding can be your portable companion. Women say they love to keep it nearby. 

What women say about Unfolding...

“Unfolding speaks directly to my personal experience as new-to-empty-nesting and the mother’s “what next?” and “who am I after all these years?”Beautifully written. Filled with love. I highly recommend it.” -Paula

"Reading Unfolding is like sitting at the kitchen table with a friend."

“Nancy Hill, made me feel I had a new friend of sorts on those pages sharing the challenges of living, and loving ways to approach it and oneself…I enjoyed Nancy’s voice and her unmistakeable sense of love for life, learned wisdoms and all the challenges.” -Anne

“Unfolding invites me in such a warm and intimate way – like  sitting at the kitchen table with a friend. Her knowledge and  experiences are not only filled with wisdom of the ages, but  she is funny, approachable and real. Her metaphors come  alive to warm my heart and delight my senses.”- Mary 

The Film:
Showing Up: Dare to Live from Your Heart

My personal quest for meaning has taken me in several  

different directions. In 2013 my book, Unfolding: Slow  

Down, Drop In, Dare More, examined these ideas.  

Now, I have turned to filmmaking by using the book’s  

central themes. Showing Up: Dare to Live from Your  

Heart is a documentary. It combines the wisdom of  

experts with stories of everyday people who face their  

fear and keep going.  


There is something we each long to express. That requires answering tough questions. “Am I living the way I really want to live?” “Am I using my talents wisely?” Living from our heart means our gifts, skills and talents are put to good use. Responding to these questions can lead to difficult decisions. We must move out of our comfort zone to be honest to ourselves. Facing fear is always part of the process.



The film combines the wisdom of experts with stories of everyday people who face their fear and keep going.