Hawk flashes just in front of my car. Is it the red-tailed hawk who lives in the Cedars near our house?  This fast-flying bird makes it impossible to identify it. Red-tailed hawks have flown through our yard for years. They circle. Dive down. Grab prey. Fly away. Their auburn feathers aglow in sunlight.
Hawk’s appearance reminds me of the surrounding wildlife. So much of my time is spent looking at a flat screen. I forget that I am sharing the world with these mystical beings.   
Screens provide life-like encounters. But they can’t compare with the deep connection that a walk in the woods offers. They do not offer the touch of tree bark, the loamy scent of earth, or the crunch of snow underfoot. Screens do not offer direct contact with the surrounding world.
Nature deprivation is now area of research. It is defined by a lack of time in contact with the natural world. It is associated with a loss of altruism, depression, and a lack of empathy.
The big question is, how do we stay connected to the mysteries that unfolds in nature? Today in the Chicago area the temperatures are dropping to -1°. Not an inviting day to walk in the woods. 
Staying aware of the moon cycles helps me stay connected to the natural world. She reminds me that everything changes. Rocks, seashells, solar systems, amoebas, groundhogs, trees, bears and bunnies are all unfolding. We are all unfolding. Our lives are richer for that understanding.
Indigenous cultures gave each full moon a name. It described the patterns they saw at the time of each lunar appearance.  Our next full moon will be February 5, 2023. This is known as the “snow moon.” How fitting as we sit in the grip of winter. Our yard all covered in inches of snow.
On March 7th, 2023, the “worm moon” will appear. During this time earthworms begin to surface. This signals the retreat of winter and the beginning of spring.  Well, that is a welcome thought that spring will soon be on its way.
We live in challenging times.  It is important to remember we are part of a larger story.  We each need to find connection to these older ancient rhythms. We need to see and appreciate the patterns of nature. Not to escape what we now experience but to strengthen ourselves so we may stay present to all that is changing.
If I listen at the edge of silence, I hear my soul whisper: ” Stay open.  Embrace nature’s patterns. The mystery that moves hawk through the sky runs through your veins. Miracles are everywhere. They are waiting for us to notice them.  Pay more attention to Moon cycles than News cycles.”
My Response…
Thank you, Hawk. 
I had nearly forgotten.
We are part of an unfolding Mystery.