Taos, New Mexico on a clear July night. Mable’s apricot-colored adobe walls are awash in moonlight. Coyotes howl in the distance. The moon is a perfect reflector of sunlight. Its glow is welcomed on this inky night. Walking to our bedrooms from the yoga building our feet are barely visible.

Just like moonlight on a pitch-black night, kindness in dark times is so appreciated. Letting our light shine is a gift we give to others and ourselves. We are all called to radiate light into this gloomy world.

Let your life shine.

Hearing these words can take us in many directions. We might question how to go about it. We may think that it needs to be a big endeavor to make a difference. The largest obstacle to sharing our light is the belief that it has to be a huge undertaking.

Don and I have started a new practice. We share three things of gratitude with each other before we fall asleep. Sometimes they are silly things. They are usually simple little things.” I am grateful for the flowers that grow in our garden.”  “I am grateful for the people we walk with at the arboretum.” We share things like that. It’s an easy way to bring light into our lives. It’s a beautiful way to fall asleep.

“It is better to light a candle than curse the darkness.”

Who said that?

Is it a biblical quotation?

Some have suggested that it is a Chinese proverb. Senator Adlai Stevenson used it in a eulogy for Eleanor Roosevelt in 1972. Actually, the earliest known use was in a 1907 sermon by W. L. Watkinson a British Methodist minister.

He said if we want to experience a light-filled world with more goodness, we each need to bring it about. It must happen person to person.

Small acts of kindness are the simplest way to accomplish this.

Shine On is a touching song by May Erlewine. She says, “I wrote it even though I feel powerless in some of the bigger things happening in the world, but I can make a difference in my community.” Her closing refrain is good advice. “There is work to be done, so you’ve got to shine on.”

Our world is in profound state of struggle. It is very easy to focus on the current surrounding darkness. There is another choice.  We can each choose to be like the moon.  We can shine light on each other’s path.  Like the shimmering moon, let’s reflect our light into tiny tender moments. As the song says, “There is work to be done.”

Rather than curse the darkness, Keith Kelly and our team offer a hopeful documentary. Showing Up: Dare to Live from Your Heart is an inspirational feature-length film. It is our contribution to creating more light. We hope it helps to bring about a world where our hearts find encouragement and support.

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday, October 15 at the Tivoli Cinema in Downers Grove. The doors open at 9 AM. As we gather the amazing Cover Girls Rock Violin Show will perform.


We will fill the Tivoli Theater with light.

Join us!

Let your light shine!


Now a gentle reminder: Tickets are now on sale. Click here to save your space and for more information:


                                                                     Photo credit: Amy Binns-Calvey