Rob Berry is the soundtrack composer for Showing Up: Dare to Live from Your Heart. Keith Kelly is the documentary’s director. I am the writer and producer. We are here in Rob’s studio to hear the beginning of his creation.

Stepping into Rob’s music studio is captivating. Microphones, audio mixing consoles, an electronic keyboard, speakers, screens of different sizes, surround us. Walls are a pinkish purple hue that shout, “Magic happens here!”

Rob plays the opening of the documentary on a large screen. Keith now sits to my right. “Dare to Live from Your Heart,” the film’s subtitle, floats across the screen. Inspirational music plays in the background.

I look at Keith.

He looks back at me.

We both sigh.

Clearly, Rob has the ability to accentuate what’s being portrayed on the screen. His creation stirs me in a way that is hard to put into words.

I remember when I brought the idea of a documentary to Keith. He created a film about New Orleans and the devastation that hurricane Katrina left in her path. It was beautifully done. I figured he’d help complete this film in a year or two.

Dreams have a way of dismantling our expectations.

Years later, here we are planning the Premiere to be held on October 15 at the Tivoli theater in Downers Grove. We have now worked with three animators, a visual artist, an intellectual properties attorney, a songwriter and performer and now Rob our soundtrack composer. In the meantime, we have spent countless hours interviewing participants. Keith has spent even more hours editing the film.

Woman’s Day Magazine interviewed me on the topic of dreaming a few years ago. The title I chose was: “No Dream is too Small.” I wanted to offer an antidote to the “DREAM BIG” message. It is not the size of the dream that counts. Rather it is the pull it has on our heart that is important.

Granted, my “small dream” did not stay small. Dreams that spring from our core often expand and ask us to grow along with them.

Last year during the Women Writing to Unfold Retreat in Taos, we focused on longing. Longing is the doorway to our dreams. It’s that inner inkling that tugs at us and sends us in a new direction.

As we each spoke of longing one woman said, “I want a dog.” Her tender and soft words fell from her lips into the nest of our circle. The room fell silent. Words that come from our heart touch other hearts. Sometimes silence is the only response.

This was a simple dream. One that would change her life in ways she hadn’t imagined.

Here are Susan’s words…

Two months after the retreat, I adopted a lovely, complicated pug named Olive. She brings me joy, playfulness, companionship, meaning, and ineffable contentment… I began imagining where I would like to live and thrive, and a month ago I moved to a place that suits me and Olive very well. I am living into the life I want. All because I wanted a dog.

 Like Susan, we might discover a “small dream” can be the opening to a new life. The problem is that many of us believe our dream has to be BIG. We are waiting around to find the one that will transform our life. We may then ignore our longing.  Following your longing is the key to discovering a meaningful dream.

Sitting here in Rob’s studio I could not have imagined the path that led to this day. Moments of fear have moved me to find courage. Obstacles have challenged me to have creative responses. More than anything I have fallen in love with this team of heart-centered creative souls and our willing interviewees.

This blog is an invitation for you to dream or continue dreaming. Dreams take us on an unimaginable journey. What started as a simple idea has become this marvelous adventure.

Our world is in such a state of struggle. It is a great joy to offer a hopeful documentary. This is my contribution to living in a world where people do follow their dreams. I dream a world where we do dare to live from our hearts and find encouragement and support. As author James Allen said, “Dreams are seedlings of realities.”  What we plant and nurture becomes our reality.

Dare to Dream.

Your heart knows the way!