Fizzy yeast and water combine with four cups of flour. A transformation occurs in my mixing bowl. Flour is now alive and growing. Dough doubles in size. Gooey fingers stretch this white lump. I slip it into the oven. Inviting aromas of rosemary and garlic begin to fill the house. Golden focaccia bread slides onto the cooling rack.


Bread making offers so many lessons. It is easy to become lost in them. Today I am thinking about the role of yeast in the processThat tiny ingredient changes flour and water into tasty bread.


The lesson: A little bit of the right thing makes a dramatic difference.


What tiny life tweak can we make that is transformation


A one-word intention can have an invigorating effect on your life. It is a gentle way to start the year. Think of it as choosing a theme for how you want to live in 2024. What qualities or characteristics would you like to experience this year? Is it more courage, kindness, generosity, or joy? Remember, you are not correcting a flaw. You are creating a guide that helps you focus on what matters.


This practice…

  • Acknowledges we have a choice about how we are being.
  • Offers a touchstone.
  • Aligns us with a quality that we find meaningful.

This may sound counterintuitive, but do not think too long and hard about the “right word.” Let your answer bubble up from inside of you. Too much analysis leads to paralysis! I swear, you could put words in a hat and pick one. It would still be a meaningful experience. Also, remember you are free to change it at any point.


Once you have your word. Write it on a piece of paper. Slip it into your wallet. Or put it where you will see it. You can also buy a bracelet as a reminder. Here is one source: Custom Classic Bracelet.

There is one more helpful step. Ask yourself, “What belief do I have that might get in my way?”


Let’s use my process as an example. My word is charity. It was a little bit surprising. But when I looked it up, I loved it! The definition: “Generosity and helpfulness, especially toward the needy and the suffering.” That feels like a worthwhile way to spend 2024.


I then wrote it on my slip of paper. I asked myself the next question.


What belief might get in my way manifesting this intention?


My answer: the belief that I do not have enough. I do not have enough money, time, or energy to extend myself to others. So, on the back of my paper, I wrote “I don’t have enough.” That is what might stop me from being charitable. I am releasing that belief. These two-awarenesses let me focus on what matters to me.


Find an intention to guide your days. Release an unhelpful belief. Doing this practice is like yeast to flour. It brings aliveness to your days. You begin the process by answering two questions. Which quality or characteristic would I like to experience more of in 2024? What belief might get in my way?


The focaccia is now ready to eat. The flavor is amazing. They say bread making is an ideal opportunity to develop mindfulness skills. Well, that is an exploration for another day. For now, I am quite content to enjoy my first exploration into the art of breadmaking.


Breadcrumbs lead children of fairytales to their home. I suspect intentions are like those fabled crumbs. They guide us home to ourselves. Doing this practice will help you stay on your heart’s path. What does your heart long to experience in 2024?







Let’s Do This!