What is the most daring thing you have ever done?

Your first answer might be a feat of physical danger. But there is something more daring than bungee jumping or skydiving. Something more courageous than climbing up the side of Mount Kilimanjaro. The most daring thing we will ever do is to be fully authentically ourselves.

To be seen and heard takes real courage.

We are asked to create a model of the heart in an art class I attended. Not the blood thumping organ of the body but heart as our spiritual center. Immediately, I saw the heart as a cracked open piñata. Inside the heart-shaped piñata was a tree with oranges growing on it. There was a swing attached to one of its branches and a golden infant sitting on the swing.

The photo, on this blog, is of the piñata I created in that class. To this day that image holds true for me. In the center of our metaphorical hearts is a golden child. She represents our authentic, intuitive, joyful, creative self. A part of us that can and often does become buried. Our job here on planet Earth, is to let that golden self shine.

Does this sound challenging?

It is!

To stay true to who we are, in a world that is constantly trying to form us into something else, requires bravery. Often the first half of our lives is marked by a series of choices designed to make us acceptable to outside forces. Try as we might, it is nearly impossible to resist covering over our uniqueness as we find a place in the adult world.

In the second half of life, if we are brave, we reveal our core self with all its quirky authenticity. We show up! This process is often brought on by life events. Heartbreak in its many forms: the loss of a job, partner, friend or problems with health or money create cracks in a carefully constructed life. Loss can awaken a desire to live closer to our core.

The intention we form in 2020 can help reveal our true self. It can guide our daily choices. Our 2020 intention can be used to clear away clutter and invite authenticity. It can be an ongoing reminder of how we want to live. Intentions are navigational markers in a sea of daily decisions. We can ask questions based on them; Today was I a reflection of my intention? If not, What do I need to shift to reflect my intention?

To manifest your authentic, intuitive, joyful, creative self — well, that is the real meaning of daring more